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I am a writer - late developer since I wasn't published until I was 50. I have now written 23 novels, numerous short stories and articles.


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Tuesday 25 September 2007
I've lived in so many places - Kent, Cornwall, Somerset, Scotland, Devon, Greece. Now I live in Gloucestershire where I'm happier than I have been anywhere else. I feel at home, contented and although the cottage we live in is very small and not very convenient I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Yesterday I was playing about on the Internet and went to the 1901 Census site. I've never had the patience to research my family but, this time, up popped my grandfather at my first try. I was hooked and off I went adding people, generally snooping about. And then I discovered the oddest thing. A great uncle had been born in this very village where I live so happily. And so, it would mean, my grandfather lived here too. Is that why I'm so content? My paternal family genes have come home so to speak. It's a nice idea. Apart from this it's been a hectic week since I had to do the proofs of my new novel. Readers often complain to me at the mistakes they find in books and how irritating it is. If only they knew the care that is taken; I do them, my partner does too and then they will be checked at the publishers and still mistakes slip through. So, I'll apologise now, in advance for anything that might be there. Have a happy week.


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