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I am a writer - late developer since I wasn't published until I was 50. I have now written 23 novels, numerous short stories and articles.


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Monday 3 September 2007
Welcome to my blog - a new venture for me. I wanted to start one so that I can tell my readers any news of what is going on in my professional life. At the moment I am involved in writing a series of books called The Cresswell Inheritance. It is about a West Country estate in the first 50 years of the last century and details the changes in the lives of the Cresswell family, their servants and the estate workers. The estate is a microcosm of the social changes occurring in England at that time. It is a period which has always fascinated me for, with the First World War, everything changed and was never to be the same again. Women in particular found their lives turned upside down and their demands for more I]independence could not be ignored. Book One - The Broken Gate and Book Two - The Heart's Citadel are published. There has been a long delay for the third book - The Breached Wall. It is now finished and is in production and will be out in November 07. I have to apologise for this delay but I have been unwell and not inclined to write. But all is now resolved and my old enthusiasm and love of writing has returned. All I can do is apologise and thank the many readers who wrote to me asking when it would be available. There are distinct advantages to being poorly, once recovered one looks at life in a different way, it underlines how precious normality is. So, here we are, my first contribution.


  1. Oh, Anita, that's brilliant I'm so glad you've got it working. I'm sure everyone is going to be very pleased your new book is on the way - I know I am!

  2. Excellant news. Welcome to the world of blogging :-)

  3. Yes, indeed, welcome to the blogosphere, it's an utterly addictive habit!

    Kate x

  4. Can't wait for the next book!
    Congratulations on having a blog...


  5. Hurrah! You've joined us, Annie. Us oldies have to be up for all the new stuff...

  6. Well done, Annie, You have now received more comments than me ever - and I have been blogging for over a year.

  7. After an "Educationg Rita" start in the north-west, my main career was in teaching French, but now live in Normandy.

    I read your book "Clare's War" and was blown away. I am writing a book after getting the idea from an article I wrote on the schoolteacher in our little village during the war, who was a resistant.

    I am struggling to find an agent. Could you recommend one who might be interested enough to read my stuff?