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I am a writer - late developer since I wasn't published until I was 50. I have now written 23 novels, numerous short stories and articles.


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Thursday 5 March 2009
To begin my list of the things that have happened to me in the past year, I’ll tell you about getting sacked by my publishers. It was a shock since I didn’t see it coming. I probably should have, I knew sales were down, but then I wasn’t surprised since Orion had, in their wisdom, virtually stopped promoting me. My editor liked the book – the fourth in a series called The Cresswell Inheritance. That mattered since had I been rejected on the quality of the writing that would have been awful. No, this was not the case. The paperback division turned me down – because of the falling sales, they said. I t was silly of me but I was hurt. Silly because, if I’ve learnt one thing in the years I’ve been writing, it is that it is unwise to expect loyalty from ones publishers. I had worked for them for eleven books. I had written books that I didn’t particularly want to but because they asked me to. (For example, I quite like writing historical novels but I prefer writing about modern women; instead I did what I was told.) I had always defended them, liked them, and been loyal to them. All that proves is what an idiot I am. That was nearly a year ago. It has affected me. For ages I felt so demoralised I could not write - I didn’t want to. But slowly it is coming back, helped greatly by the wonderful letters I’ve received asking me when the next book is out, chivvying me, encouraging me. Their kindness has helped enormously. So what am I writing? Years ago I wrote a novel about an author called Kate Howard. It was called Advances. I wrote a sequel, Exiles – in which Kate has moved to France. Now Kate has returned from France, is living in the Cotswolds and is sacked by her publishers! It will be called Returns. I have a freedom now to write what I’ve wanted to do for some time and that is to return to a modern novel. Just one problem, I’m going to have to find a publisher – not easy these days.


  1. Dear Anita Burgh,
    I have not found this blog before now.
    I was looking through books coming soon and since I have not seen your name in a long time, I was thrilled to see here that you are, indeed, working on something new.

    I cannot understand how you could be sacked by your publishers. Together with Nicola Thorne, you are my all time favourite English author and I am only hoping you will go on writing please, A LOT!!!

    I have not thought about it, but when you mention it, it's true. There has been little promotion of your books lately. I myself was only waiting eagerly for "The Breached Wall" - but now, soon two years after, I have begun looking for new books.

    I knew about your illness, I had read about that. But I was still selfish enough to first of all think about possible new books!!! But since you are, indeed, writing, I hope this means you are not doing too bad - hopefully very well!

    Please write more here, both about your health and about coming books. I would appreciate it SO much, and tell those publishers of yours that they must be quite mad!!! I actually believe myself to have rather good taste in books and even if I am Norwegian (having lived in England and America), I only read English and American books in the original language.

    And I can assure you, there are not very many of the newer authors I like as much as I love you and Nicola - plus Rosamunde Pilcher (her son is coming up yes), Maeve Binchy and P.D. James. Then there is Patricia Scanlan and the three latest, Penny Vincenzi, Cathy Kelly and Colette Caddle.

    The typical chick-lit is not quite me. There must be a bit more than falling IN love and OUT OF love!!!!

    I look very much forward to hearing more from you and hope to be able to order new books in the not too far future. I remember that book from France, but wheter you write historical sagas or contemporary novels, I love all your books. One of my all time favourites is "Breeders". I adore that book.

    My best wishes for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kindest regards from
    Sissel, Norway

  2. Dear Anita Burgh,

    I just forgot: Is it not at all possible that the fourth of the Cresswell Inheritance series could be published - even by someone else??

  3. A third time...

    Just wanted to add that I started writing book reviews in 2006. I mostly write at Amazon UK, but also Amazon US.
    I have reviewed the second and third of the Cresswell Inheritance series. It took a while before I got any votes, but lately - especially after I reviewed the last book - they have started coming in.

  4. Anita,

    I really hope you are well. A forth Cresswell book, oh my god I hope you can get it realeased. It is an amazing story I actually missed the characters in it immediately when I read the last line in "A Braeched Wall". They became part of my life! I am lookingt forward to Returns though, that sounds amazing!!!

    Take care


  5. here is yet another reader longing for the 4th book in the Cresswell Inheritance...any news on a possible publisher?