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I am a writer - late developer since I wasn't published until I was 50. I have now written 23 novels, numerous short stories and articles.


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Monday 22 June 2009
When I teach, talk or write about writing, I always make clear that what I’m saying is my opinion only. Everyone must approach the subject in their own way. For my ideas might be a load of old gobblers to you or it may touch a chord At the reading weekend I last wrote about, Jo teased me at how often I told them to RELAX. But, I’m sure that worry, angst, uncertainty, lack of confidence etc, any of these, is responsible for making more writers fail than anything else. There is an odd interaction between a writer and her work; it’s inexplicable. I know this might sound bonkers but I believe it. You see, negativity can too easily be transferred onto the page. It leads to dull, dead writing which leads to pedestrian work, lack of pace, a boring read. It is sludge, there is no sparkle.But relax, enjoy what you’re doing and the words tumble out, the magic has worked. Lots of writers I know agree that there have been times when, having finished, they look at the words and they have no memory of having written them. And, when this happens, often there is nothing to edit or change. The magic has happened.So, the message for today - enjoy your writing. Relax and see the difference.


  1. Hello Anita - that's brilliant advice, and something I've been thinking about recently. Been far too caught up in the whole submission process and endless waiting (which is soul destroying). Just decided to get on with the next book - and as you suggest, enjoy it.