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I am a writer - late developer since I wasn't published until I was 50. I have now written 23 novels, numerous short stories and articles.


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Sunday 29 November 2009
This latest blog did a bid for freedom before I had finished editing it. There will be errors and especially spelling mistakes since I am dyslexic - like so many writers are. I wanted to add that I would appreciate some comments since there are times I feel I'm writing in a vacuum and no one is reading it, therefore, what is the point of posting?


  1. Sorry, I'm lurking but I am reading. Please don't stop posting - your posts are interesting and useful.

  2. A very interesting article on characterisation, Annie. You've given some excellent tips for getting to know one's characters better, and pointed out some crucial aspects to keep in mind when finishing off their profiles. Many thanks for that.

  3. carolc said...

    Liz Fenwick guided in me the direction of your fabulous blog and I find it very useful. Looking forward to rest of the tips on characterisation as I'm building my own characters at the moment.

  4. I'm here, reading...yoohoo :)
    Keep writing, I read but sometimes do not have the time,or maybe the manners to stop and comment.